ACBAR Steering Commitee

                Last Update: 2021-05-02 11:51:29

                ACBAR's Steering Committee

                The Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis and has responsibility to monitor, guide and assist the activities of ACBAR’s secretariat. The Director of ACBAR is the head of the secretariat and is responsible for the day to day management of activities.? He/she is answerable to the Chairperson and Steering Committee and is appointed by them.

                Members of the Steering Committee ( April,2021)

                ?NO ?Name ?Organization ?Position ?Status
                ?1 ?Mr. Abdul Subhan Misbah ?SSEOA ?Executive Director ?Chairperson
                ?2 ?Mr. Daniel Madhani ?SCA ?Country Director ?Member
                ?3 ?Ms. Vicki Aken ?IRC ?Country Director ?Member
                ?4 ?Mr. Fran?ois Hericher ?ACTED ?Country Director ?Member
                ?5 ?Ms. Astrid Sletten ?NRC ?Country Director ?Member
                ?6 ?Mr. Christopher Nyamandi ?SCI ?Country Director ?Member
                ?7 ?Mr. Mohammad Zakir Stanikzai ?WC-UK ?Country Director ?Member
                ?8 ?Mr. Victor Moses ?CARE ?Country Director ?Member
                ?9 ?Mr. Abdul Bashir Khaliqi ?ANAFAE ?Country Director ?Member
                ?10 ?Dr. Mohammad Fareed Asmand ?AHDS ?Executive Director ?Member
                ?11 ?Mr. Sabirullah Memlawal ?YVO ?Director ?Member
                ?12 ?Mr. Fazel Rabi Haqbeen ?TEO ?Executive Director ?Member
                ?13 ?Mr. Samiullah Naseri ?HRDA ?CCAP Country Director ?Member
                ?14 ?Ms. Najiba Ayubi ?DHSA ?General Director ?Member
                ?15 ?Ms. Suhaila Noori ?STARS ?Executive Director ?Member